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Thanks to Beats 1, Apple Music Isn’t A Complete Mess

To be perfectly honest, Apple breaking into the streaming music market wasn’t terribly exciting to me. After Tidal famously bungled their launch a couple of months ago, and having been a longtime user of Spotify, I didn’t really see what Apple could offer. If anything piqued my interest, it was the convenience of the entire

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Retailers vs. Apple Pay: The Stupidest Industry War

Last week, Apple finally activated Apple Pay, its much touted mobile payment system using the NFC-equipped iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Apple is admittedly late to the game on this one: NFC terminals have been around for years, and other smartphones have been using mobile payment systems (notably Google Wallet) for quite some time. However,

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Breaking Down The Apple Acquisition of Beats Electronics

They are both expensive, borderline luxury brands. They both have completely changed the music industry. They are both headed by powerful personas (okay, in the case of Apple, past tense. sorry Tim Cook). And yet, Apple’s rumored acquisition of Beats Electronics still makes absolutely no sense. Apple doesn’t typically make purchases of these size ($3.2

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