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Pokkén Tournament Is (Almost) The Pokémon Game We Deserve

Today, The Pokémon Company unveiled some new details about its newest gaming venture, Pokkén Tournament. A collaboration with Bandai that’s due to be released in Japan this year, Pokkén Tournament is an arcade game that pits various Pokémon like Machamp and Lucario against each other in a Tekken-style brawl. It was assumed that the Pokémon featured in the game would either be fighting

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Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire: The True 3DS Pokémon Games?

In October of last year, Pokémon X and Y were released for the Nintendo 3DS, launching a frenzy that resulted in sales of 12 million for the games. Since then, interest in the games has been pretty tepid, with no help from Nintendo whatsoever. After the bungled release of Pokémon Bank, the online service where you

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