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Ariana Grande Inches Closer To Pop Diva Status with “My Everything”

If MTV and Beats By Dre are to be believed, Nickelodeon star turned not-so-elusive chanteuse Ariana Grande IS the second pop coming. The past few months have seen a massive marketing push for the pint-sized singer, going as far as to give her a TRL special (yes, that TRL) and the coveted opening slot at

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The 2014 VMAs Didn’t Suck; It’s 2014 Pop Music That Does

It’s easy to blame last night’s banal VMAs on MTV and their production crew. I mean, no offensive twerking? Surely the network has lost its touch. But that would be too easy, and misses the entire point of the VMAs. What makes the MTV Video Music Awards important is not its celebration of music videos (and

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