The 2014 Emmy Winners List, If The Emmys Weren’t So Boring

Last night, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences reminded everyone watching last night’s Emmy Awards that they are painstakingly predictable, even with the potential to reward some culturally relevant and exciting television this year. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised considering Tatiana Maslany wasn’t even nominated, but still.

What’s even more unforgivable is the fact that the Emmys can afford to be risky. Many of these shows run for years, giving the Academy ample opportunity to take a close look and honor both stalwarts and startups.

Since the Emmys refuse to be the least bit interesting, I have compiled a list of this year’s Winners List, if Emmy voters weren’t so damn boring. Note, this isn’t to say that the winners didn’t deserve to win, but wouldn’t have it been nice to see the following go up on stage?

Best Comedy Series – Orange is the New Black

I have nothing against Modern Family, but when the show has won in this category so many times, and there are quite a few worthy alternatives, it wouldn’t be inconceivable to share the recognition. OITNB was easily the buzziest show going into the ceremony, and while it can be argued that it’s nomination in the Comedy categories are a stretch, they could’ve at least acknowledged a program that has captured the zeitgeist so effortlessly, instead of a perennial favorite that wouldn’t have even missed the award

Best Drama Series – Game of Thrones (or The Good Wife as a write-in)

Breaking Bad is another show that has been awarded an statue before (last year, even!) and probably wouldn’t have missed the win. True Detective was the favorite going in. but Game of Thrones should be commended for the strong grip it has over its expansive canvas, and the sheer cajones it has in butchering any character it needs to push story forward. I’m still not over the absolutely unforgivable snub of The Good Wife in this category, though. As Julianna Margulies noted in her well-deserved speech, they gave us stellar television for 22 episodes. 

Best Lead Actor in a Drama – Matthew McConaughey or Jon Hamm

I’m not doubting Bryan Cranston’s performance on bit, but again, he has been honored before. Why not give the award to the spectacular McConaughey, who’s experience a career revival that is usually impossible to achieve. Or better yet, how about Jon Hamm, who was robbed at least twice of a statue. Sure, his lack of Emmy made for a great Emmy audience gag, but come on! Nothing for Don Draper?

Best Supporting Actor in a Drama – Josh Charles

I actually don’t feel too strongly about this category since Aaron Paul’s reel looked brilliant, but “Hitting The Fan” was one of the best episodes on television last year and Josh Charles was the star of it. In his last season as the lovable Will Gardner, it would’ve been nice to receive recognition for such a bravura send-off.

Best Lead Actor in a Comedy – Anyone besides Jim Parsons

He’s won in this category four times. Were the other submissions so uninteresting that he was the only logical choice? Not even Louis C.K.?

Best Lead Actress in a Comedy – Taylor Schilling or Amy Poehler

I almost didn’t include this category since Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s acceptance makeout with former co-star and fellow winner Bryan Cranston was the highlight of the night, but she is another person who has won several times and could live with a loss. It’s bonkers that the insanely funny Amy Poehler will end Parks and Recreation without an Emmy (even the Golden Globes saw it fit to honor her). Also, Taylor Schilling could’ve easily taken it home for her funny/tragic/we-hate-her role as Piper on the Netflix megasmash. 


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