“You Don’t Know What To Do” Is Mariah Carey’s Best Song In Years

“Elusive Chanteuse” Mariah Carey premiered a new song on The Today Show this morning, and it has completely revived my belief in her upcoming album.”You Don’t Know What To Do”, featuring rapper Wale, hasn’t been announced as an official single from Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse yet, but it needs to be. It’s a surprisingly timely R&B-disco track, cut from similar Pharrell-esque cloth but still distinctly Mariah; there’s a hint of house influence that calls to mind her mid-90s offerings and, more recently, “I’m That Chick” from E=MC2. The pop diva is in surprising but welcome full voice here, giving even more bounce to the feel-good vibe and the defiant kiss off lyrics. Wale’s appearance is excellent without overshadowing Mariah, a significant problem she’s had with recent releases “Beautiful” with Miguel and the mostly forgotten “Triumphant” with Rick Ross. It’s a lively song that is the most worthy addition to her catalog in a very long time.

If there are more songs like this on Elusive Chanteuse, we all might be in for a second “emancipation of Mimi”.

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