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“You Don’t Know What To Do” Is Mariah Carey’s Best Song In Years

“Elusive Chanteuse” Mariah Carey premiered a new song on The Today Show this morning, and it has completely revived my belief in her upcoming album.”You Don’t Know What To Do”, featuring rapper Wale, hasn’t been announced as an official single from Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse yet, but it needs to be. It’s a surprisingly timely

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Dear Mariah, It’s Time To Grow Up

Mariah Carey has spent 25 years on top of the charts, thrilling music listeners with her multi-octave range and pop classics. Someone should reiterate this to Mariah, particularly the 25 years bit. At the tailend of the week, the diva announced details for her long-awaited 14th studio album (once again, numbers are important here). It’s been

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