Quick Question: Why is Chris Brown Questioning Women’s Loyalty?


I was passively aware that Chris Brown was still releasing music since his name would occasionally pop up on iTunes. None of the singles that he put out in the run-up to his perennially-delayed album seemed to make a dent, so I just stopped paying attention.

Last week, I noticed that Chris landed a Top 10 hit out of nowhere with “Loyal”, featuring Lil’ Wayne and Tyga. I had never heard the song before so I quickly journeyed over to Spotify and pressed play on the track.

Now I will admit that the beat and music are pretty hot, easily the best production he’s put out in a long time. It’s the lyrics that have me giving him the side-eye of the century. The hook of the song is “these hoes ain’t loyal.” This did answer a question about why this phrase was popping up all over Instagram of late. I just have one more question.

Why the hell is Chris Brown talking about the loyalty of women?

Didn’t he have a pretty well-known girlfriend named Rihanna who returned to him several times after he beat her senseless? Doesn’t he currently have a girlfriend named Karreuche who has stood by him while he openly cheated on her with Rihanna and while he’s currently sitting in a 4×4 cell? Doesn’t he have an army of female fans who, to the day, blame Rihanna for her assault so that they won’t have to face the fact that maybe Chris is an abusive jerk? Despite the nearly blind faith that many women have put into Chris Brown, he’s going to proclaim women as not being loyal? Seriously?

It makes me feel like crap to bop along to a song that is such a mess lyrically, from someone who probably should know better but won’t do better because he’s insistent on remaining mentally 15. That single cover art also doesn’t help; either.

If you’ve somehow managed to escape this song too, take a listen and let me know your thoughts.

Speaking of the video, why in the hell is Usher in it, with that Pharrell wannabe Dave Crockett mess of a hat? There’s just too much going on, I can’t even…

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