Nick Jonas Finds a Fresh, Classy Sound for New Single “Find You”

Nick Jonas has never gotten his fair shake at pop domination.

The former Jonas Brother seemed bound for solo superstardom when he released the truly great hit single “Jealous” back in 2014, but some creative missteps and a fresh crop of guitar-plucking heartthrobs (and Ed Sheeran) kicked him down to the mid-to-lower tier of pop. You knew who he was, but he had virtually no music presence. Case in point: his last, Drake-aping, ironically-titled single “Remember I Told You” didn’t even chart in the States.

iTunes Artwork for 'Find You - Single (by Nick Jonas)'

Nick Jonas is in desperate need of a rebrand, and “Find You” is his first attempt to differentiate himself in a very crowded landscape. If he’s feeling the pressure to stand out, he’s not letting on here. “Find You” is a decidedly relaxed midtempo affair; the gentle guitar melody evokes a breezy summer afternoon, and the light, shimmering synths add an unexpected, but welcome, touch of elegance. It’s an impressively mature sound, favoring “LoveStoned” Justin Timberlake by way of California.

Nick takes to this new sound very well, never sounding like a kid playacting adulthood. Dipping into his woefully underused lower register, he exudes an easy confidence that plays against the lyrics of longing for an elusive lover. Nick insists he’s looking and chasing, but it’s those warm, charming vocals that are putting in the work, beckoning listeners to be wooed by his calm poise.

In music world where you’re either a Justin Bieber or a Shawn Mendes, Nick is sidestepping both molds. “Stately” isn’t a word usually applied to a young male pop singer, but it fits Nick well, and may represent a real shot at the bonafide superstardom that has eluded him.

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