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Janet Jackson Teaches Listeners, And Fellow Pop Stars, How To Be “Unbreakable”

Blame the Super Bowl (and Justin Timberlake, for throwing her under the bus and walking away from the scandal a pop megastar), or lackluster album releases afterwards, or standard industry racism and sexism (throw in Jackson-ism for good measure), but Janet Jackson hasn’t gotten her fair shake in the canonization of 80s and 90s pop

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XSCAPE: The Michael Jackson Posthumous Album We Always Deserved

After the unmitigated disaster that was 2010′s Michael, the first album released after Michael Jackson’s passing, one could be forgiven for recoiling in horror at another posthumous release. I almost didn’t believe that XSCAPE was real, because I couldn’t imagine why anyone would bother trying to release Michael’s music again. Michael was a blatant cash-in on his death made even

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Dear Mariah, It’s Time To Grow Up

Mariah Carey has spent 25 years on top of the charts, thrilling music listeners with her multi-octave range and pop classics. Someone should reiterate this to Mariah, particularly the 25 years bit. At the tailend of the week, the diva announced details for her long-awaited 14th studio album (once again, numbers are important here). It’s been

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