Nick Jonas Finds a Fresh, Classy Sound for New Single “Find You”

Nick Jonas has never gotten his fair shake at pop domination. The former Jonas Brother seemed bound for solo superstardom when he released the truly great hit single “Jealous” back in 2014, but some creative missteps and a fresh crop of guitar-plucking heartthrobs (and Ed Sheeran) kicked him down to the mid-to-lower tier of pop….

Lady Gaga’s Generic “Cure” is Her Most Listenable Single in Years

If there’s one word that very few associate with Lady Gaga, it’s “safe”. Since her 2008 debut album, The Fame, the superstar has flown in the face of every conceivable pop convention, and was rewarded with reverence akin to the likes of Michael Jackson and Madonna. Her combination of barn-storming pop smashes and meticulously thoughtful visuals…