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Chasing Oscar: Spotlight Casts Child Abuse In The Lead Role

Part four of the “Chasing Oscar” series: putting the spotlight on the Best Picture frontrunner. A couple of months ago, Vulture reported that the cast of Oscar frontrunner Spotlight weren’t submitting themselves in the Lead acting categories; they would only compete as supporting players. In a season rampant with “category fraud” accusations (see Alicia Vikander’s in

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Race to the Oscars: What Happened to Foxcatcher?

Part two in a series examining the biggest contenders for the 87th Academy Awards Film awards season is as much about campaigning and industry politicking as it is the artistic achievements. And there is nothing more damaging to a successful Oscar campaign than an all-out attack against the film. It’s even worse if it comes from

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The Normal Heart: Heavy on Topic, Light On Story

HBO’s The Normal Heart stands strongest as a statement of purpose than an actual narrative piece, and considering the topic of choice, the burgeoning AIDS epidemic of the early 80s, that makes perfect sense. Thirty years after the first cases were reported, and largely ignored, HIV and AIDS are still major health concerns worldwide, with

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