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Chasing Oscar: Spotlight Casts Child Abuse In The Lead Role

Part four of the “Chasing Oscar” series: putting the spotlight on the Best Picture frontrunner. A couple of months ago, Vulture reported that the cast of Oscar frontrunner Spotlight weren’t submitting themselves in the Lead acting categories; they would only compete as supporting players. In a season rampant with “category fraud” accusations (see Alicia Vikander’s in

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Chasing Oscar: The Revenant is The Ultimate Leo DiCaprio Showcase

The time has come for my annual Academy Awards blog series, now titled Chasing Oscar! Here is part one. To read my take on some of last year’s films, click here It seems like the whole world has been waiting for the day that Leonardo DiCaprio finally wins an Academy Award. DiCaprio has received four nominations (one

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Five Classic Grammy Performances

Last Sunday, some of the world’s biggest music artists performed at the Grammys, the recording industry’s biggest night. It was generally lackluster night, filled with bland and, in some cases, inexplicable displays of the past twelve months of music. By far, the most electrifying performance was given by Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons, while Daft

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