Month: February 2014

Let’s Give Dylan O’Brien an Emmy Nomination, Please

Last night’s episode of Teen Wolf was all about Stiles, the wise-cracking, sarcastic best friend of lead character Scott. We finally (somewhat) figured out what’s been wrong with him and what could happen to him by the end of the season (I won’t spoil it, just head to and watch it and prepare for the tidal

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The Celebrification of George Zimmerman Cannot Happen

Today, Trayvon Martin would have been 19 years old, had he not be murdered. Today, it was announced that George Zimmerman, his killer, would be participating in a “celebrity boxing match” against rapper DMX. Do I really even need to explain all of the problems that this poses? All I will say is that our

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The Five Best Things About Super Bowl XLVIII

I am not a huge sports fan, but every year, I plop myself in a seat and watch the Super Bowl. From a semi-casual sports fan’s perspective, here are the five highlights from last night’s “big game”: The Game Itself Was a Certified Hot Mess Super Bowl XLVIII will go down in history as one

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