Month: April 2017

Five Reasons Why the Fyre Festival Was The Year’s Most Obvious Scam

Oh, 2017, the year of people making poor decisions despite overwhelming evidence as to why they shouldn’t be. The last 24 hours has been filled with memes, reactions, and general schadenfreude around the now-infamous Fyre Festival, a three-day musical extravaganza in the Bahamas that promised VIP-level fun in the sun, and delivered less than none

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Lady Gaga’s Generic “Cure” is Her Most Listenable Single in Years

If there’s one word that very few associate with Lady Gaga, it’s “safe”. Since her 2008 debut album, The Fame, the superstar has flown in the face of every conceivable pop convention, and was rewarded with reverence akin to the likes of Michael Jackson and Madonna. Her combination of barn-storming pop smashes and meticulously thoughtful visuals

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