Month: January 2017

Chasing Oscar: Natalie Portman is the Keeper of Jackie’s Flame

Next up in the Chasing Oscar series: Natalie Portman and her Oscar-nominated turn as the legendary First Lady in Jackie. For millions of Americans, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy is the quintessential First Lady. She is a frequent reference point, a bar that all of her successors have been measured against. But why? What afforded Mrs. Kennedy such

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Chasing Oscar: Manchester by the Sea Brings Levity and Grace to Unspeakable Tragedy

The next entry in this year’s Chasing Oscar series: my thoughts on six-time nominee and Best Picture contender Manchester by the Sea. Cliché it may be, but life really does go on. It pauses for no one and nothing, even against devastating loss. Manchester by the Sea, a freshly minted Best Picture Oscar nominee, deftly explores the tragic

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