Month: December 2016

Chasing Oscar: Fences Sets the Stage for a Viola Davis Triumph

And we’re back at it! It’s that time of year when Hollywood releases what they consider their artistic triumphs in an attempt to secure Oscar glory, and I do my best to watch them all and determine whether it was worth the effort. Welcome to my third annual “Chasing Oscar” series! Fences, adapted from the August

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The Best Pop Songs of 2016

For several reasons, 2016 has been the worst, and pop music wasn’t spared this year’s wrath. This year may go down as one of the most unremarkable years in recent pop memory, filled with forgettable, uninspiring, and just plain awful tracks that made you wish Beyoncé or Adele or Prince or David Bowie could be

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With Scattershot Priorities, Passengers Veers Way Off Course

What does one do when confronted with a lifetime of utter isolation aboard a voyage to a utopia they will never see? It’s an interesting original premise in a Hollywood that’s sorely lacking in them, and with two of the biggest stars as leads and an Oscar-nominated director, it should’ve made for a no-brainer success.

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