The Celebrification of George Zimmerman Cannot Happen

Today, Trayvon Martin would have been 19 years old, had he not be murdered.

Today, it was announced that George Zimmerman, his killer, would be participating in a “celebrity boxing match” against rapper DMX.

Do I really even need to explain all of the problems that this poses?

All I will say is that our society has made a habit lately of turning random, regular people with no discernible skill or talent into household celebrities. Kim Kardashian, the Jersey Shore crew, the Octomom, and the like have made millions by hawking whatever mildly interesting morsel of their lives for the public’s ravenous consumption.

These people haven’t done harm, though. Sure, they may have cheapened  the value of American popular culture, but they are still relatively harmless. George Zimmerman, on the other hand, is not harmless. He committed a terrible crime. He ended a young, unarmed teenager’s life because he was “threatened”. He left a family in tatters and the country at the edge of a race relations nightmare unseen since the Rodney King verdict.

If he was resembled even a modicum of a decent human being, George Zimmerman would disappear. He would take his freedom and vanish into thin air, thankful that some crazy person hadn’t tried to take justice into their own hands. But no, this man decides he wants to sell his vicious, violent tendencies to the public in a boxing match against a verified cocaine abuser. Considering DMX’s comments about the match, it’s clear that Zimmerman either has a death wish, or he wants to become a martyred saint for the far-left conservative movement. Or both.

All I know is that this sickening display should not occur under any single circumstance. It will be one of the most egregious offenses pop culture in America could ever commit. For starters, it would be a slap in the face to the family of Trayvon Martin, whom has suffered enough in losing their trial and the fight for his justice. On a larger scale, this boxing match would effectively promise fame and even fortune to whoever decides that a young black man wearing a hoodie is dangerous. That is an insane, horrifying precedent to set.

There is no justification on any planet for this thing to happen. It is simply reprehensible. Shame on all of the people responsible for this farce, and most of all, shame on George Zimmerman. There isn’t a ring in hell deep enough for a man like him.

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