This is the Beginning of the End of Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is over.

That statement will probably be met with plenty of rolled eyes and protestations and the like, but if you think about it, it’s not beyond the realm of reality. Even if its not true at this very moment, the above statement seems more like an inevitability than ever before.

Here’s why.


This morning, the teen superstar hopped behind the wheel of a rented Lamborghini and drag raced through the residential streets of Miami, while under the influence of drugs, alcohol and pills. He was arrested and his inexplicably bright-eyed and bushy-tailed mugshot has flooded Twitter timelines the world over.

Before today, Justin Bieber was a menace only in his own narcissistic, 20 year old head. His rebellious streak annoyed people and even caused damage to homes and public property, but he was basically harmless. Aggravating in how ridiculous he looked, acted and sounded, but still harmless. Until now.

Now, he has been arrested for a choice that could have been a lot more serious. There is a reason that driving under the influence is a serious crime. He could’ve killed someone, or himself, because of his drunken drag racing idiocy. It would’ve been an accident, surely, but that doesn’t make his actions any less indefensible. Even worse, he clearly doesn’t grasp the severity of his actions this morning, confirmed by that mugshot. Either that, or he does and just doesn’t give a damn.

Clearly he doesn’t give a damn about his fans, who now have to defend behavior that he should be advocating against as an influential role model. He doesn’t care about his friends, like Lil Za, who was arrested for drugs that were found in Bieber’s house. And he doesn’t care much about his career or image, since his behavior has made him a laughingstock for months and he has yet to change at all.

So, if he doesn’t care, why does he deserve to be a pop superstar?

That is the question that people will be answering in the coming days and weeks and months of this arrest. Some will say he deserves it because of his talent, but there are plenty of talented teenagers out there, more talented than Bieber who probably have just a bit more common sense too. Unlike this argument from EW, we really don’t need Justin Bieber in the pop world. In fact, he needs us more.

For some reason, Justin Bieber believes that he is untouchable, that the only answer he has to give for his actions is that he is “young” and “he’s going to make mistakes”. That’s not good enough anymore, and should have never been in the first place. If he refuses to accept the fame and money and love and adoration he has been bestowed, then it’s time that his output is repaid in kind.

As I said at the beginning of this post, it won’t be overnight. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it got worse from here, or maybe even better. But, this is the beginning of the end for him. Bieber, from this point onward, will no longer be known for his music, but for his antics. He will never be taken seriously again. He can still have those girls screaming his name, but in the eyes of the general public, the audience that truly matters, things will never be the same for this young guy from Canada.

Justin Bieber, starting today, is officially over. I hope it was all worth it for him.

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