Music Recap

Mary J. Blige Performed Last Night at Disclosure’s Terminal 5 Concert

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending the final show of Disclosure’s three-night stay at Terminal 5 in New York. It pretty much goes without saying that it was an unforgettable night, for so many reasons.

One of them being a surprise guest performer, the one and only Mary J. Blige.

So, here’s how it goes down. My friend Kyra and I spotted Blige across from at, sitting in the VIP section. Now, I’m thinking, “why would Mary J Blige, of all people, be at a Disclosure concert?” My messy self screamed at her, but I doubt she heard me.

Anyway, as soon as we saw her, she up and left. I honestly thought that she got sick of the heat and weed smell and left.

Yeah, no.

It turns out that she went downstairs to PERFORM.

Yas, the Queen of HipHop Soul got on stage and performed with Disclosure, seeing along with their song “F for You”.

It was amazing, as you could see from the video (by the way, that is footage I filmed, and my iPhone battery paid for it later, but I don’t care).

I really need Mary J and Disclosure to hop into the studio ASAP and record a new version of that song and release it, because I would buy it without question (I just bought Disclosure’s Settle, which is nominated for a Grammy this weekend, a couple of minutes ago).

Thanks again to Kyra for inviting me to an amazing concert experience!

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